Corporate Responsibility – What We Do Matters


Corporate Responsibility

We’re a team that has been in the event entertainment business for a long time now, which means we know how our customers expect to be treated. Every member of our team is well versed in the language and practice of corporate responsibility which means we know how to act the right way at all times. It’s not something that we do because we have to. It’s something we do because we respect every single one of our customers and suppliers and are committed to doing right by them.

A key part of our culture lies in the practice of continuous improvement that we implement to ensure that we continue to lead our industry for years to come. By looking in detail at everything from our booking and payment systems, to the servicing and maintenance of all of our equipment, we ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing the best service possible. We feel it’s the least we can do.


A commitment to environmental health.

At Odin Events, we understand that the health of the environment has an impact on the health of the community.

We are determined to reduce our own carbon footprint and choose to work with and support organisations that share our commitment.

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