10 Party Games For Corporate Events

A key ingredient to a successful corporate event is fun! Party games allow your employees or guests to engage with their colleagues, get to know each other better, learn new skills and let off some steam!

This quality team-building time has the power to improve work relations, boost morale and improve the overall performance and productivity of your employees, proving invaluable to your company.

Whether you’re planning to reward your employees with a break from intensive training, want to encourage team-building, or would like to add a little competition to a corporate event then check out these 10 super-fun, party games available for hire at Odin Events!

Air Hockey Table

Why not hire a classic arcade game for your corporate event? The Air Hockey table is a fantastic ice-breaker and focal point for your party providing hours and hours of fun for your guests.

At Odin Events, we’re able to provide a 7-foot professional air hockey table for your corporate event complete with arcade sound effects and an overhead LCD display so you’re able to keep track of the score! Party guests or employees can play a casual game as and when they feel or, for a little competition, create a mini-league or play ‘winner stays on’!

Electronic Darts Game

An engaging party game for both spectators and participants, our Electronic Darts Game will elevate your corporate event to the next level. Will you hit the bullseye?

Employees are bound to feel like professional darts players as they compete in fun tournaments, play a range of darts related games and try to keep their cool.  

Giant Operation Game

A firm favourite for corporate parties, our Giant Operation Game is an extra-large version of the original classic and requires a steady hand. An all-inclusive activity, your guests will be transformed into surgeons working under pressure to remove the necessary body parts using the giant tweezers and without touching the sides and rattling the operation table!  

At Odin Events,  we’re also able to provide optional extras including an operation screen to add to the theme and medical props such as surgeon gowns, facemasks and stethoscopes! 

Ball in a Bucket Side Stall

Have all the fun of the fair at your next event!

Traditional carnival stalls and games are becoming increasingly more popular at fun days, parties and corporate events. One of the nation’s favourites, the Ball in a Bucket Side Stall is a perfect focal point for any party and suitable for all guests to get involved with!

Crazy Golf

Another unique and engaging party game for corporate events and team-building activity days!  At Odin Events, we have entire 9 Hole Crazy Golf courses available for hire nationwide.

Wow your guests and employees with this genius, team-building activity and bring the staff day-out to you! We’ll bring all you require to turn your next corporate event into the Ryder Cup although we can’t guarantee the Boss a hole-in-one!

BATAK Reaction Game

One of the most requested games for corporate events, the BATAK puts guests reaction times and to the test and is specifically designed to improve hand-eye coordination skills.

Simple yet effective, you’ll need to keep their eyes peeled for which target will light up and try to tap out as many out as possible within the time-frame. We include set up on the day, and our qualified team member will be able to demonstrate the pre-loaded games and sequences before you and your team spend hours of fun putting your skills to the test.

Cash Grabber Games

Hire a ‘Cash Grabber’ money machine from Odin Events and play Cash Grabber games like Grab-A Grand, Going for Gold, Crystal Maze Style Challenge and Voucher Grab!

It’s great entertainment for your guests as they watch and take part in trying to grab as much as ‘cash’ as possible as it blows around the machine, Ker-ching!

Giant Buzz Wire

Do your guests or employees have the skills to beat the bleep? This party game requires patience, control and strong nerves as you manoeuvre along the Giant Buzz Wire challenge and avoid touching the wire.

An ideal game for encouraging team-building, the game guarantees some laughs, especially when participants get really involved and use the helmet and take on the challenge as a human wand!   

Penalty Shootout

Football’s coming home! Our inflatable Penalty Shootout package is a great party game for a range of corporate events, team-building days and more!

Players can play for prizes, compete for the fastest shot of the day using our professional speed radar or take a few casual shots. The Penalty Shootout also includes a qualified member of our Odin event crew to set-up and oversee all games.

Giant Jenga

Another from our giant games range at Odin Events, the Giant Jenga is the classic game we know and love but on a much larger scale!

Ideal for team-building and group entertainment, Jenga players will compete against each other as they carefully remove the wooden blocks from the tower and try to avoid the stack from crashing down.


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