When it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign in 2020, there’s more to consider and account for than ever before. With so many options and platforms available for media and marketing consumption, it can often be tricky to see the forest for the trees, and that’s before we even begin to consider the ever-increasing number of competitors filling up the online space.

However, with a little outside the box thinking and some impressive branded props and entertainment setups, you can create a successful ‘experiential’ marketing campaign that makes a serious impact and scores your brand plenty of coverage in the process.

Here are five excellent reasons to focus your next marketing strategy around an experiential campaign!

Make a Lasting Impression

In today’s world of short attention spans and media-on-demand, it can be challenging to stand out for more than a fleeting moment. However, by creating a live and interactive marketing experience, you can directly engage with your target audience at a time and location best suited to your product or service.

Not only will a physically engaging experience help you stand-out in a time where almost all competitors are focusing entirely on online and social media marketing, but it will allow your brand to make a lasting impression on a large number of passers-by too!

Great Re-Usable Marketing Material

Taking the time to arrange professional video and photo coverage of the event is a fantastic way to extract additional value from your experiential marketing campaign.

Capturing the most exciting and fun moments from the event will provide you with material for reuse in other areas of your marketing activity, be it live social media posting, a promotional video or even rich media content for your company website! However, you choose to reuse the media, capturing footage and images like this on the day can be an incredibly valuable and flexible asset down the line.

Free Social Media Coverage

People love an opportunity to share fun and exciting pics and footage to their social media profiles, so by creating a photo-friendly branded experience you can be sure to receive a considerable amount of brand exposure for free. In fact, studies show that around 50% of participants and passers-by capture a mobile video at branded events, so it makes sense to plan for social media coverage.

This can be doubly effective when creating a hashtag for your experiential campaign – encouraging participants to post their pics with a predetermined hashtag can help Twitter and Instagram algorithms to mark your campaign as ‘trending’ content, scoring you even more free coverage!

Local Press Coverage

The local press often responds incredibly well to local experiential marketing campaigns.

Planning ahead and contacting local journalists and press publications weeks or even months in advance to discuss your experiential campaign could result in several pieces of online and newspaper coverage. This could include photos of your branded set and props as well as a direct quote from the company detailing the campaign and the promotional purpose of the event – an ideal opportunity to mention your offering!

Strengthen Your Online Presence

Those of you who include search engine optimisation within your overarching marketing strategy will likely know that successful campaigns can garner a wealth of online coverage, which could include links back to your website.

Not only is this a great way of securing additional ‘referral’ traffic from other websites, but these links can also serve to strengthen your domain and help your chances of improved visibility in the search engine results pages. While this may take a little back and forth with the website and blog owners covering your event, the payoff is worth the time investment!

So, there we have it, five simple and incredibly worthwhile reasons to make your next marketing campaign ‘experiential’. Remember, not only will a professional on-location campaign like this directly engage those who take part in or pass by your event, but the free coverage generated in several different areas can pay dividends for months or even years to come if appropriately conducted.



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