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Experiential Campaign

Experiential Marketing – we love it!

Client: Bridgestone
Event Type: Experiential

Taking Experiential Marketing to new heights

A case study in Brand Experiential Marketing

The Challenge …

Odin was approached by a PR agency in London that wanted members of the public to experience what it felt like to fall from a 10m Olympic diving board. This activity was to be aimed at children and adults and was to be based in a public setting at a prestigious sporting event.

Bridgestone expeiential campaign free fall dive platform mockup

Key requirements …

The wider client was Bridgestone, who were running a campaign called ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What. The campaign encouraged 3 athletes who have come across difficulties in their training tell their story about who they overcame their personal restraints and go on to succeed.

One of the brand champions is Chris Mears, an Olympic diver who almost died when his spleen ruptured and who managed to come back and win an Olympic gold medal. As part of this campaign, Bridgestone released a video whereby Chris Mears was helping ordinary people who suffered from a fear of heights to dive from the 10m platform. As part of Bridgestone’s sponsorship of the British Open Golf tournament, Odin Events were tasked with developing an experiential space which would allow members of the public to experience the free-fall dive. The event space was to include:

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The execution …

Odin Events completely undertook the whole of the event management aspect of this task. We erected a 20m x 20m marquee and fully lined this with black drapes and atmospheric lighting.

In the centre of the marquee were three large 3m tall walls with the brand message printed all the way around it. Within this box, we positioned a tower with a 4m high jump platform from it and positioned a stunt bag inside of the box which meant that any spectators couldn’t see exactly what the participants were landing in/on.

When a participant arrived to have a go, they were lead up some steps on the inside of the tower which was fully blacked out and met by a jumpmaster at the top. The jumpmaster walked them out on to the jump platform backwards and completed a trust fall, holding them by their wrists and dropping them backwards onto the bag. We also used smoke machines which meant that even if you did look down when standing on the platform, you couldn’t see exactly what you were going to be landing on.

To the right of the jump tower was the golf simulator and there was ample space for the green screen photo experience and Daley Thompson’s Decathlon game area. The tower itself was branded, as was its box and we positioned a large Bridgestone banner outside on the front of the marquee to reinforce the brand identity.

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