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Hiring Dinosaur props for your next event

If you're considering hiring dinosaur props for your little ones' birthday, here are some tips from the Event Entertainment experts on how to throw an awesome dinosaur party.

A ROARRRsome Live Dinosaur Experience

Children love dinosaurs. Whether it’s the prehistoric creatures themselves or just their look, kids find them fascinating. If your child is a dinosaur fan, why not consider organising a Dinosaur themed party for their next birthday?

There are so many ways you can go about planning a dinosaur party, but organising a children's party can often be a headache. That's why at Odin Events we offer custom dinosaur parties, taking advantage of our massive inventory of realistic dinosaur props and foliage hire. 

We assist with games and decorations with our artificial foliage to bring that realistic dinosaur aura. Your guests will be transported to the time when dinosaurs ruled our planet. The possibilities are endless!

Dinosaurs are interactive, fun and educational

The best part about a dinosaur birthday party is that they're not only fun and fearsome but also educational. That's why they're the best choice for a kids' party theme. And what could be better than letting your child play with an actual dinosaur?

That's right: nothing! This is why we've gathered together some of our favourite ideas to help you throw a dino-terrific birthday bash that'll have all your little ones roaring with excitement.

Real Fun, Real Artifacts

Our dino parties are based on the idea that fun and education can be mixed together. We do this by bringing the life-size dinosaurs to life with our unique animatronic dinosaurs, which let kids and teens play with them as they would in Jurassic Park.

But we also want to make sure you're teaching your party guests something new. That's why you can also hire a dinosaur dig activity tool. With our dino dig, your children will be uncovering actual fossil specimens, so they can learn about what dinosaur bones look like if they were dug up today.

Book it and leave the rest to us

We have years of experience in organising children’s parties, so you can rest assured that your Dinosaur event will run smoothly and be a complete success.

Your own event entertainment specialist will liaise with you to create your child’s perfect Dino Party just the way you want it to be. Our friendly and experienced staff arrive at your venue in plenty of time to set up and get ready to run the event, leaving nothing for you or your guests to worry about.

Hiring dinosaur props isn't just for children.

Children and adults can love dinosaurs. Dino-themed corporate events are all the rage too. Everyone loves getting involved, dressing up and playing their part.

If you're planning a corporate event and stuck for theme ideas we have a great selection of dinosaurs that will make your guests feel like they have stepped back in time.

Our 4.5-metre-long Animatronic T-Rex is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, some would say the ultimate party performer! Hiring our animatronic T-Rex is a must for your dinosaur-themed event. Your guests will really love the day and will be talking about the experience for years to come.

Meet some of our Dinosaur props available to hire

  • Stegosaurus: Our Stegosaurus is a giant dinosaur featuring unique bones and plates along its spine, making it stand out from the crowd. Whether you're looking for prehistoric ideas for your children’s party, school event or even corporate conference our Stegosaurus will be sure to wow all of your guests
  • Dilong Paradoxus: The Dilong Paradoxus (or emperor dragon) was a small feathered theropod dinosaur and one of the more primitive known tyrannosaurs, meaning this is the perfect addition to any dinosaur-themed party or event.
  • Raptor: Our fearsome Raptor dinosaur is straight from Jurassic Park, our newest addition to our prehistoric range of dinosaurs. If you are looking for a real crowd-puller at your next party then look no further than this giant mechanical raptor.
  • Oviraptor Nest: The Oviraptor Nest dinosaur prop features two adorable baby Oviraptors perched around their mother who is sitting on top of a pile of dinosaur eggs.

Take a look at our dinosaur props page to see the whole dinosaur gang.

We hope that our tips have helped you create the perfect dinosaur party for your little ones. If you want to make your event truly memorable we would highly recommend booking our custom dinosaur party package, including lifesize walking dinosaurs for your guests to interact with.

We love creating unforgettable experiences

Our dinosaurs props aren't just for children's parties, why not consider hiring our dino props for corporate events, shopping centre entertainment and even educational school activities too.

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