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Although experiential marketing and digital marketing campaigns are often seen as two very different strategies, the true power is when the two integrate. The ultimate combination for a successful marketing campaign, brands can achieve fantastic results when the two work together hand-in-hand.

Here are some ways you can include your digital marketing strategy with your experiential marketing campaign:

Leverage your digital data insights & apply to brand experience

If you’re familiar with digital marketing, it’s likely your team has access to plenty of data regarding what brand messages are resonating with your consumers, which images capture attention on socials and which of your calls-to-action perform well. These are usually determined through running A/B tests on emails, socials and checking our your website analytics.

All of this information and data insight can be applied to your live events and experiential marketing campaigns too! Take a look at how you can create the ultimate brand experience for your consumers off-line too and use your findings to help you decide on your target audience, message and intended brand perception.

Create an online space for your live experiential marketing event

After participating in your experiential marketing event, consumers may want to further engage with your brand or find out more about your message, products or services. Why not make it easy for them with a designated landing page or social media profile?

When working on the digital element to your live event, consider including invitation or ticket information (even for free events). You should also make it as accessible as possible by noting all of the where, when and how details.

To ensure participants spread the word to family, friends on followers on social media, establish and encourage the use of a custom hashtag and add share buttons to make it easy for consumers to alert others of your event!

Use digital marketing strategies to promote brand experience

When experientially marketing and digital marketing strategies integrate, it’s the ultimate combination.

Engagement is key, and email marketing strategies can help to reach out and invite consumers to participate in your event. It can also help to improve the brand perception of those who don’t attend, as they now know what you’re about and the experience you’re offering. Display advertising is also great for targeting your intended audience, especially when you take advantage of it’s ability to key segments and areas.

In terms of socials, being active and visible is essential, and promoting your experiential marketing event across social media platforms will help to improve your brand awareness both on and off-line. Gaining the attention of key influencers is also a great way to spread the word, create a buzz and ensure a crowd at your live event.

Creating a unique and long-lasting experience for your consumers should likely result in shares on platforms like Instagram too. This is perfect for increasing your campaigns reach in an organic and personal way. Try to respond to posts and comments too, it can make your brand seem more ‘humanised’ and create a positive message of being approachable and authentic.

Gather valuable data insights at the live event

Your aim at experiential marketing events doesn’t always need to be increasing immediate sales. You can also use the opportunity to discover more about your audience by gathering feedback or requesting they register details in exchange for competition entry or prizes.

Consider email lists, surveys, and other interactive calls-to-action. Both digital marketing strategies and experiential marketing strategies can be used to inform each other and result in the maximum return of investment for your brand.

Repurpose content from the experiential marketing campaign

Repurposing content from the experiential marketing event is a fantastic way to integrate the two marketing channels. One brand experience can easily provide content to be shared over the year when planned and executed correctly.

Consider repurposing photos, videos, testimonials and much more for your brand’s social media platforms, website videos, email content and digital adverts!

This content can prove incredibly valuable and continue to engage and inform consumers, long after the live event!

To discuss your experiential campaign ideas, the more unique and exciting the better, feel free to call one of our friendly Odin Events team members on 0800 030 6881! We’ve got the experience, know-how and entertainment equipment to ensure your live event engages consumers and runs as smoothly as possible!



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