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Increase footfall by setting up a fanzone.

Fan villages or fanzones are designated areas for fans to gather before and after major events. While commonly associated with sporting events, their popularity has grown over the years, extending to diverse live gatherings like concerts and festivals. These vibrant zones are buzzing with activities—boasting live entertainment, viewing areas, interactive games and food and drinks.

Who are fanzones for?

It’s in the name. Whether devoted to a specific team, artist, or sport - fanzones serve as an inclusive space that bring like-minded people together. Some are open to the public, allowing non-ticket holders to join in with the fun, while others are exclusively for ticket holders. Ticketing ensures controlled attendance and helps to manage demand levels.

Where is the best location to set up a fanzone?

When looking to benefit event ticket holders, strategically positioning Fanzones at or near the venue makes them easily accessible and convenient for event attendees. They can be held further away from the venue too, in high-footfall areas. 
Fanzones can also be targeted to those who do not have tickets for the event. Fans can gather to watch the event live, using large screens and communal seating areas.

What should a fanzone consist of?

Whilst fanzones are an enjoyable experience that are packed with games, activities, photo opportunities and amusements, it is important to make sure that basics and safety provisions are provided.

When planning to set up a fanzone, you should take the time of year and climate into account. If it is the winter, this will need to be reflected in the seating arrangements and food and drink options with outdoor heaters, hot drinks and cover in case of bad weather conditions. Likewise, if the event takes place in the summer, you will need to ensure that cold drinks and shade are provided. Irrespective of weather, plenty of seating and toilets are needed.

Now for the fun stuff. There are endless options when it comes to the perfect entertainment for fanzones, but we have rounded up a few of our favourites:

Mobile Climbing Wall

Our mobile climbing wall stands at 18ft tall and can accommodate two climbers at a time, it’s high turnaround makes it an effective pick for fanzone festivities. Each side of the wall has different routes, allowing climbers to challenge themselves at their own pace.


Think you could take on the pros? Test your skills with our simulator games. Available in a range of sports including golf, football, skiing, surfing and even car racing.

Football darts

Also known as “kick 'n' stick”, this is the perfect game for football fanzones. A fun footy twist on the traditional pub game, everyone can have a go at kicking the ball towards the giant dart board. The scoring works just like darts.

Themed props/photo opportunities

We offer themed photo oppprtunities and props such as face in hole boards, as well as high quality 3d props and full photo opportunity setups.

Refreshment stands

Whether it’s a Pimms to celebrate Wimbledon or a pint in the park, attendees will likely want to enjoy a drink or two leading up to the main event. Whatever you are looking to serve, we can help. We offer numerous food and drink stands as well as popcorn machines, ice cream bikes and more

Promo Cannons

Often seen being operated by team mascots or the players themselves, promo cannons are a fun way to distribute merchandise, vouchers, or other novelties to lucky fans.

Walkabout Acts

Nothing brings an event to life like walkabout acts. We have a wide range of walkabout acts that will bring life and atmosphere to your fanzone, all acts can be modified to suit your event, whether you are going for the team colours or a general theme for the event.

With a huge summer of sport planned for 2024, there really is no better time to start integrating fanzones into your events.

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