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Seven reasons why you should put on a Father’s Day Event.

As Father's Day approaches, you may be wondering how to celebrate the dads and father figures in your community. One great option is to organize a Father's Day event, which can bring your area together to create a fun and memorable day. Here are the top seven reasons why you should consider putting on a Father's Day event, along with some tips to make it a success.

  1. Experiences over material items: In today's world, people value experiences more than material items. Consumer Reports found that "66% of people between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four would rather receive an experience gift than a tangible item."* A trip to your local town can turn into a day filled with new experiences, such as trying out a new restaurant or discovering new shops. With the right marketing, a day out to your area could be seen as a Father’s Day gift: Time is a commodity – who are you spending yours with Tip: Get businesses on board to help promote the event. If your event is themed, communicate with local businesses to see if they would like to participate through making displays that tie into the event, or offering exclusive discounts or promotions that attract more visitors and boost the local economy.

  2. Build better relationships with local businesses: Collaborating with local businesses can help to create a sense of community and build stronger relationships. By supporting each other, you can benefit from increased exposure and foot traffic.

  3. Improve brand awareness: It is no secret that events improve brand awareness and showcase your community area or organization. When attendees have a positive experience, they will associate it with you, which will lead to increased brand loyalty and a positive reputation! Tip: Use social media to promote your event and encourage businesses to share the event with their followers. You can also use offline marketing strategies, such as posters and flyers, to reach a wider audience.

  4. Establish yourself as a hub of activity: By hosting regular events throughout the year, you can establish your area as a hub of activity. People will look forward to attending your events and may even plan their schedules around them. Tip: Plan your events in advance and create a schedule that includes a variety of themes and activities. This will keep attendees engaged and interested in what's next.

  5. Beat online shopping: With the rise of online shopping, it's important to offer something that can't be found online. By organizing a fun and engaging event, you can encourage people to leave their screens behind and come out to your area. Consumers are always on the lookout for what will benefit them the most, this can be mainly driven by price, convenience, or the appeal factor. While it isn’t as convenient as shopping online, having a fun and engaging event that shoppers can attend may be the trade-off between shopping online or visiting your area. Tip: Provide a family-friendly environment: Family-friendly events are a great way to attract a wide range of attendees, from young families to seniors. By providing a safe and welcoming environment, you can create a positive experience for everyone.

  6. Boost the local economy: By attracting visitors to your event, you can boost the local economy and support local businesses. This can have a positive impact on the community.

  7. Strengthen community bonds: Events can help to strengthen community bonds and create a sense of belonging. By bringing people together, you can foster relationships and build a stronger community. Tip: Create opportunities for attendees to interact and connect with each other, such as group activities or photo booths. Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media using a branded hashtag to track and view posts made. We have some amazing themes and ideas ready to go for Father’s Day, but if you have your own, we would be delighted to bring yours to life. 

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*Source: Seat Unique 

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If you want to discuss anything mentioned in this blog post or want to enquire about a Father’s Day event, give us a call or get in touch with us.

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