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How playification and gamification boosts community interaction.

Having managed shopping centre and town centre entertainment for more than a decade, we are confident that fun cannot be undervalued when it comes to improving customer loyalty, attracting new consumers, and driving sales.

Conventional brick-and-mortar stores have struggled to compete with the ease and convenience of Internet purchasing since the advent of e-commerce and the pandemic-driven trend towards online shopping. It is no longer sufficient to merely generate foot traffic and attract customers; customers must be actively steered to the tenants and urged to spend. Shopping centres and the high street have spent a considerable deal of time seeking new techniques to convert visitors into consumers. Due to the rise of retail centres and the high street as new social hubs, consumers may drink coffee alone for hours. To boost local spending, it is increasingly crucial to design innovative and engaging campaign concepts. Playification, gamification, and community interaction are wonderful methods for enlivening your shopping space and increasing revenue.

Businesses can use playification and gamification to incentivize customers to make purchases or visit their stores by offering them rewards. Likewise, shopping centres and business improvement districts (BIDs) can utilise playification to encourage consumers to visit local merchants. We can create a unique shopping atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer and spend more money by combining elements of play and competitiveness.

These strategies also offer the opportunity to foster a sense of community and social contact, which are crucial for main streets and commercial districts that may have diminished in recent years. By incorporating engaging activities, there is also the possibility of minimising antisocial conduct.

In addition, playification and gamification can be used to collect valuable data and report on customer behaviour, preferences, and trend data and insights. By analysing this data, landlords/tenants can make informed decisions on product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer service, leading to an increase in return visits and spending.

There is also the possibility of converting vacant units into event space until a new tenant is found. We frequently use these rooms for pop-up experiences (e.g., six weeks over the holiday season) and for much shorter (1-2 days) places for arts and crafts courses, etc.

Arranging events and consumer engagement activities is another effective way to increase spending and community involvement. By developing collaborations with other shops, local businesses, and community groups, retailers may create immersive and memorable experiences that stimulate repeat visits and higher spending.

At Odin Events, we specialise in enhancing the shopping experiences of both customers and retailers. With the creation of unique and engaging experiences, these businesses may increase foot traffic, dwell time, and ultimately sales. Here are our top five customer-attracting events:

  1. Interactive Experiences such as virtual reality, augmented reality, or interactive installations, can offer a memorable and immersive purchasing experience. These experiences allow buyers to interact with products in a novel and engaging manner, hence improving the possibility of a sale. We have a great range of interactive experiences that can help drive customers towards retailers.
  2. Live acts such as music, dancing and walkaround acts, can bring excitement and entertainment to the shopping experience. These performances can improve foot traffic and dwell time as people stop to observe and appreciate the performance. Retailers should benefit from the increased foot traffic and revenues generated by a broader audience. An eye-catching walkaround act is also a great way to create a moving photo opportunity which will undoubtedly increase social media exposure.
  3. Workshops and Classes can offer a creative and educational element to the buying experience. By providing culinary, handicraft, or painting workshops, dwell time is increased. Furthermore, vouchers can be handed out to participants to visit retailers.
  4. Food and beverage activities such as tastings, pairings, and cooking demonstrations, can add a sense of indulgence and enjoyment to the shopping experience. Customers can sample new goods, discover new recipes, and enjoy a social experience with their friends and family at these events. Customers that visit a store to purchase the featured products or related products generate greater foot traffic and sales for the retailer.
  5. Pop-up stores and exhibits can provide an air of exclusivity and excitement to a shopping area. These temporary places can provide limited edition products, exclusive collections, and one-of-a-kind experiences unavailable elsewhere. Events and entertainment organisations can establish a pop-up shop that caters to the specific interests and demands of the target audience by working with retailers and brands.

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