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Halloween props, theming and walk around acts to die for.

What makes a Halloween party fun?

There are a whole host of things that contribute to making a frighteningly good Halloween event. This blog is going to delve into what makes Halloween events fun, as well as some entertainment and activity inspiration that is to die for.

What is the most popular activity on Halloween?

There are lots of fun activities that go hand in hand with Halloween, but pumpkin carving is the most popular by far. Children and adults alike can enjoy pumpkin carving as it does not take a great amount of skill to start out with, just some imagination! *

With this being said, there are some amazingly talented pumpkin carvers out there who can carve intricate text and designs – even portraits! Hiring a pumpkin carver for your Halloween event will draw guests over to watch in awe as the carver works on different designs that you can use as unique decor for the event! We also offer pumpkin carving classes led by our talented pumpkin carvers, learn from the best of the best!

If carving isn’t suitable for your event, why not choose another way to decorate pumpkins? Pumpkin painting is a less messy alternative to carving that allows for even more creativity! You don’t just have to stick to paint either, why not gather some fun materials and embellish your pumpkins?

What is an activity that people do at Halloween parties?

There are lots of Halloween party activities that you can do at your next event! Some activities are specific to Halloween whereas some are your classic party games with a spooky twist.

Apple bobbing A Halloween party staple, apple bobbing actual originated as a courting ritual in Europe hundreds of years ago! In more recent years, it is a fun game usually played around Halloween where players are faced with a tub of apples floating in water and can only use their mouths to retrieve one. We wouldn’t recommend this activity for smaller children, but older kids and adults will love it!

Pass the Mummy Pass the parcel has been reinvented for Halloween with “Pass the Mummy” Pass the mummy in a circle and when the music stops, the person who has the mummy gets to unravel a layer of bandage for the chance to win a prize! Top Tip – use bandage gauze instead of tissue paper for an even eerier look.

Halloween Photo Opportunities Halloween is the perfect occasion for some extravagant fancy dress costumes, what better way to show them off than at a range of themed photo booth opportunities?  

Say “cheese” with our Giant Jack ‘o’ Lantern photo-op prop! This prop is large enough to make an impact on its own, standing at just over 6 feet tall – it will fit the whole family in!

Broomstick Parking is a necessity at any Halloween-themed event, especially if you’ve got lots of witches and wizards attending! Complete with a full set of broomsticks, guests can pose with their own broomsticks in front of this unique photo opportunity.

How do you entertain a Halloween party?

Halloween is a great occasion for an event, but it can be hard to know what to entertain guests with. There are many routes you can go down when choosing Halloween entertainment, but you need to make sure that it is appropriate for the attendees, you meet the act's requirements (space, power etc), and that there is enough to entertain everybody (this mainly applies to things like face painting, if you are planning a large event consider booking more than one face painter otherwise you can end up with a large queue). Whatever you pick, you’re bound to have a spooktacular time when you hire Halloween entertainment from Odin Events.

Scarecrow Walkabout Acts Whether you are looking for friendly or frightening, we offer scarecrow walkabout characters suitable for any monster mash! Let them roam freely, or send them on a scaring mission! Whatever you choose, they will interact with guests and contribute to the event atmosphere whilst entertaining your guests.

Horror Film Icons Beetlejuice, Michael Myers, Ghostface, you name them! (Be wary when naming Beetlejuice multiple times…) We have the biggest names in horror to hire for Halloween party entertainment, they can interact with guests to create an immersive experience and are dying to get their picture taken!

Live Music You don’t have to forfeit theming for good music, why not get the best of both worlds with Odin’s live music acts? We have some amazing artists to hand, covering a multitude of genres who can be dressed to match your theme.  

Fortune Tellers and Tarot Card Readers: Hiring fortune tellers and tarot card readers adds a mystical touch to Halloween events, embracing the spirit of the supernatural. Their intriguing art brings an air of mystery as they delve into the world of divination, offering guests a chance to explore the unknown and gain insight into their futures. With their captivating demeanour and alluring setups, fortune tellers and tarot card readers create an immersive experience that leaves attendees both thrilled and mesmerized. As guests take part in these intriguing sessions, they become entangled in the enigma of Halloween, providing a perfect opportunity to engage and entertain everyone, from the curious to the most sceptical – regardless of their outcome, guests will have an unforgettable experience.

Entertainment can apply to many aspects of an event, even the food! As well as curating your own scarily good menu, we have a range of theatrical catering options that will fit hand in hand with any spooky theme as well as wowing guests, including:

Edible Mist Machines Nothing screams Halloween like an ominous glowing orb with mist floating out, but not to fear! Edible mist machines are a new addition to our catering options, the orbs are free-standing and are fitted with LED lights that can be incorporated to match your theming, making them an interesting visual piece as well as functional. Choose from over 200 flavours or create a new custom flavour, whatever you choose, your flavoured mist is consumed by sucking on a straw and is zero calories.

Liquid Nitrogen Anything with liquid nitrogen is a winner at Halloween, it adds an eerie touch to everything and doesn’t grow old! We have caterers who are dedicated to incorporating liquid nitrogen into their offerings (did someone say liquid nitrogen ice cream?).

By combining these elements, you can create an atmosphere of eerie enchantment and excitement, a Halloween party becomes an exceptional and unforgettable celebration for all those in attendance. To enquire about anything mentioned in this blog post, click here to submit an enquiry, or call our friendly team on 0800 500 3019. 

Happy Haunting!

Event entertainment is our speciality, but we also make a scary good playlist! Check out our top picks for Halloween music on the “Odin Halloween Party” Spotify playlist.

*Please ensure that children are supervised when handling knives and sharp tools at all times.

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