How to create Brand Experience with Experiential Marketing

How to create Brand Experience with Experiential Marketing

The latest in marketing trends, experiential marketing allows you to create and market a brand experience, but how?

Firstly, What exactly is Experiential Marketing?

Essentially experiential marketing uses an actual real-life experience to market a brand. This brand experience is outside of your usual marketing channels and takes place as a physical event rather than on the television, radio or internet.

The aim is for your customers to gain an experience that they relate to your brand, event or business. This could be achieved through a pop-up shop, multisensory installations, physical competitions, interactive product launches and much, much more.

Successful experiential marketing events or campaigns create a personal connection with their intended audience and in some ways, make it tangible. It’s also a great way to increase brand awareness and improve or develop customers perception of your brand.

Why your brand should choose Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing may take some thought and perhaps a little more preparation than a straightforward social media campaign, but the return on investment and results for brands can be hugely successful.

It’s important to be creative when connecting with your audience, and creating a brand experience rather than just listing the benefits of one of your products is sure to engage new customers and keep your company one step ahead.

Creating a Brand Experience

It’s time to get out there, show your intended audience something new and create long-lasting experiences of your brand. As we know, customer engagement is key to creating a brand experience and a successful experiential marketing campaign.

In many ways, it’s all about showing a more approachable, humanised and friendly side to your brand or company. This type of experiential marketing helps to drive your brand’s message and convey it’s ‘personality’. This can really add value to your wider marketing strategy and increase sales in the long-run through improved brand consideration.

Marketing isn’t just about shifting products anymore. Your audience should take a journey, make that crucial connection through the experience and leave with an increased awareness of your brand. This familiarity with your brand and what you’re about leads to increased sales or use of your service, and a long-lasting relationship sparked by the initial experience.

Understanding Brand Experience

Brand experiences are most powerful or effective when they are focused, fit for purpose, and tailored to your target audience so that you are able to create valuable interaction and a long-lasting impression.

To achieve a positive brand experience through experiential marketing, you will need professional event management and a clear vision regarding what you’re customers are looking for. When executed well, the experience will establish a connection, create belonging among followers of the brand, and form communities through recommendations.

Be innovative with your experiential marketing, and get people talking about your brand! Events can give people the chance to find out more about your business and interact with ambassadors, engaging experiential marketing events such as games and activities go that one step further and can be aimed at a wider audience, often in public spaces.

This experience can also be captured by participants and shared across their extended network via social media and connect with even more potential customers.

Experiential Marketing Services from Odin Events

Is your company interested in creating brand experience with experiential marketing? Discover how Odin Events can help to engage your target audience and increase brand awareness!

Our Events Management team have over a decade of experience and specialise in carrying out small-scale experiential marketing campaigns. We’re also able to combine our expertise and marketing events know-how with larger marketing to fulfil larger scale experiential marketing campaigns.

We love unique,  innovative ideas and would be delighted to offer our support and access to entertainment equipment and supplies to create a long-lasting experience for your potential customers.

Our events give consumers a new experience, contribute to your wider marketing strategy, are perfect for sharing on social media, generate brand awareness and achieve results.

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