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Summertime fun! The benefits of organising a funfair for your community.

Open air spaces and longer days provide the perfect platform for some summertime fun. Outdoor events can liven up your community, encourage people to get outside and offer a stage for local businesses to engage with residents from in and around the area.

One way to fill your town's open spaces in the summer is by hosting a funfair. This can increase visitor numbers to your area and help you engage with your community.

Local public events such as funfairs are also a great way to nurture relationships with residents to support a thriving community and enhance mental well-being by bringing people together.

What should a Funfair consist of?

Funfairs can be as densely populated as you would like them to be. We would recommend a mixture of rides, aimed at many different age ranges. Successful town fairs are usually ones which consist of some fun fairground rides, live entertainment as well as drinks and food stalls - keeping visitors around for as long as possible.

It is also important to include areas which are quieter and calmer so families and residents have somewhere to relax before rejoining in the fun! This can be in the form of bean bags, hay bales or wooden benches, also giving spaces for residents to eat and drink comfortably.

What are the best fairground rides to hire for children?

The most popular fairground rides are the ones aimed at children. It creates fun memories for the whole family and children get to try new experiences!

For children aged three to seven years old, we would recommend a Hook a Duck, Swing Boats and a Carousel. Children aged eight to 12 years old really engage with higher intensity stalls such as a Shooting Gallery, Coconut Shy, Ghost Train, Helter Skelter and Waltzers.

What are the best funfair rides for adults?

It's important to cater for adult fun too, because after all, there is an inner child in us all!

Some of the most popular funfair rides for adults are a splashy Dunk Tank, Bumper Cars or a great big Ferris Wheel! Adults also tend to be a lot more competitive so if you wish to captivate them as much as children, opt for a Penalty Shoot Out station, Hoopla Stall or Tin Can Alley.

What food options are found to offer at funfairs?

Although this would depend on your locality and what your local residents tend to gravitate toward, food stalls are an important part of a funfair. It will keep the crowd nearby!

On a hot summer day, cold refreshments and ice creams are a must! An ice cream bike could be a perfect way to engage with people in and around the fair. Equally, sweet treats are also a hit. This could include a doughnut or candy floss cart, both loved by children and adults.


With some impressive fairground rides, a collection of food stalls and some sun, you're set to create a fantastic summer day out for your community!

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