Red Carpet Hire – Nationwide Service

As a leading provider of exciting event entertainment nationwide, we’re confident you can make your guests feel like true celebrities with our luxury red carpet hire from Odin Events.

We can help you make any event feel like the ultimate VIP occasion. With the choice of gold or chrome posts, you can match your red carpet to suit the theme of the event. You can also select from a range of rope colours to ensure that every detail is spot on for this amazing, superstar entrance experience.

Add a Photographer.

Why not add paparazzi to the experience and inspire your guests to go all Vogue and strike a pose?

No matter the occasion, we’ll do all we can to ensure it is prepared suitably for when your guests arrive. We have helped countless people with exciting event entertainment over the years and are confident we can provide you with first-class support.

Our red carpet hire starts with a free online quotation, meaning you can rest knowing there are no hidden costs prior to hiring this feature and have honest support from our service.

To make an enquiry, you can do so by filling out the simple contact form on our website. Alternatively, you can give a member of our team a direct call on 0800 030 6881 where we’ll be happy to deal with your enquiry.

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