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Everything you need to know before hiring an Inflatable Snow Globe.

Inflatable Snow Globes are a fun and exciting item to incorporate into your events all year round.

Whether it’s for a unique photo opportunity, a marketing tool, or even as an interactive set piece for live performances or shoots.

It is important to note that there are different types of the Inflatable Snow Globe available on the market, with different features and limitations. In this blog, we are going to share everything you should look for in a snow globe when considering hiring one.

Safety is the most important aspect when hiring large equipment such as the globe.

Here are the most important safety aspects to look for:

Snow Globes with a solid steel base ensure that the base is sturdy enough to support large groups entering at once, as well as heavy props or products being placed inside. Another reason to choose one with a solid steel base is so that you can store the globe’s blower underneath it, meaning that you have no unsightly blower tubes on show, and that it is safely stowed away, keeping electrical aspects out of reach.

The most important function of a snow globe to look for is a safety pole. These are often hidden behind globe backdrops but play an integral part in keeping your guest safe if the power supply is affected. The pole keeps the “skin” (the clear part) held up, to allow participants to leave safely if power is lost. Snow Globes without a safety pole will completely fall and potentially trap your guests.

It’s not just safety features that can set different globes apart, it’s the appearance too.

If you are looking to customise a globe to suit your event, some models do not typically have any branding/customisation opportunities, whereas the globe model we use provides customisation on the base skirt, as well as the backdrop.

We have two Inflatable Snow Globe sizes available: “Mini” and “Standard”. Don’t let the name fool you though, the mini globe measures at 3 metres tall and 3.2 metres wide at its widest point, the standard is our larger globe measuring at 4 metres tall and 4.5 metres wide. The size of our globes allow several people to be in the globe at once, along with props and theming.

When you hire an Inflatable Snow Globe from Odin Events, they are fully equipped with the features mentioned as standard. The globes we use are top of the range in both quality and functionality, so it’s no secret why they’re one of our bestselling products.

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