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Ideas for your St. Patricks Day themed event.

A lady has a shamrock painted on her cheek. She is stood in front of the flag of Ireland.

When is St Patrick’s Day?

Celebrated on March 17th every year, St Patrick’s Day is a lively occasion filled with parades, good luck symbols, and everything adorned in every shade of green imaginable. Whilst it is initially rooted in religious significance, the day has evolved into a vibrant celebration of Irish culture.

Going Green

While Ireland is often referred to as the Emerald Isle due to its lush green landscape, the original colour linked to St. Patrick was actually blue! The shift to green occurred in the 18th century when the shamrock became Ireland's national symbol. Today, green is not only synonymous with the holiday but also the colour of choice for the mythical creatures associated with the celebration: leprechauns.

How can you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

There are so many exciting ways your event can celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Here are some of our favourites:

Wear Green

First and foremost, you can’t celebrate St Patrick’s day without sporting something green. 

Face Painting

Come St Patrick’s Day, the streets of Ireland will be full of people docked in green, white and Orange. Face paint is a popular addition to any St Paddy’s Day outfit, no matter your age. 

Golden Ball Globe

Dive through a sea of green balls in our inflatable snow globe to find the elusive golden ball that’s hidden and win a prize– will it be your lucky day? 

Live Irish Folk Music

You don’t need to go to Ireland to enjoy St Patrick’s day! Hiring a live folk band can create the same lively atmosphere you would find across the Irish sea.

Arts and Craft Workshop

St Patrick’s day is known for its staple colours and symbols, so there is a wide range of themed craft workshops that can be held to tie in with your St Patrick’s day event.

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