As the corporate world evolves and we change and adapt ways of working, more and more odd and quirky job titles are being established and posted online. 

At Google, employees were encouraged to choose their own quirky job title, and Tiffany Montague who handled the Space projects, had the official title of Intergalactic Federation King Almighty and Commander of the Universe

Take a look at this list of the 22 most odd and quirky job titles, compiled by corporate event experts Odin Events, that actually exist! 

Customer Happiness Hero 

This is essentially a customer service role with an inspiring name. If you’re in this role, you’ll need plenty of experience handling customers, working under pressure and ensuring happiness! 

It’s also possible to be a Happiness Executive or a Happiness Advocate too! 

Scrum Master

This job title feels like it’s associated with rugby, but actually, a scrum master is a facilitator for an agile project development team. Like on the field, you’ll need to organise and adapt quickly, and as a scrum master, you’ll manage the process of how this information is exchanged. 

Calypso Developer

As a calypso developer, you won’t be studying Greek mythology, improving the Calypso drink taste or playing Calypso music. In fact, Calypso is a leading provider of technology solutions for the financial market and enables business growth and innovation in trading, processing, accounting and risk management. 

Cloud Engineer

You may have visions of large cranes reaching the sky and workers fixing and re-building clouds, but in reality, cloud engineers are responsible for moving a company’s business processes to a cloud-based infrastructure. Your duties will include maintenance, management, design and support. 

AI Evangelist 

As an AI Evangelist, you won’t be spreading the word of Christianity, but rather specialising in AI technology. The role varies, but it can involve computer programming and enlightening business executives by demonstrating how AI can improve core business processes. 

There are also Brand Evangelist job roles available in Marketing, and some graphic designers are known as Crayon Evangelists.   

Database Jedi

Do you have the force? This database administrator role involves managing existing data and adding new information to the system. To be a successful Database Jedi candidate, you will need to have sharp data entry skills although lightsaber experience isn’t necessary! 

It’s also possible to be a Retail Jedi or a Digital Overlord

Chief Storyteller

This sounds like the ideal job for a wise, old soul, but it’s actually the combined role of writer and communications manager. It involves delivering content that engages and grows the company’s community, similar to folklore! For this job, you’ll need to enjoy the publicity and know how to make an impact. 

Some Deputy Manager roles are also known as a Grand Master of Underlings

Muggle Studies Professor

This Harry Potter inspired job title is probably the most quirky on our list and involves developing relationships with the muggle community. You won’t actually be working for the Ministry of Magic, but instead promoting services, developing marketing plans and expanding customer relations. 

Some marketing directors are also known as a Dream Alchemist or a Wizard of Light Bulb Moments. Enchanting but not exactly catchy! 

Stress Engineer

As a stress engineer, you’ll be glad to know the role doesn’t mean creating pressures and worries! The job is actually crucial for engineering an aircraft and involves making models to apply stress to and assess how much strain the build can handle. 

Some other odd and quirky job titles include Direct Mail Demi-God, Wet Leisure Attendant aka Lifeguard, Zombie at the London Dungeons and Accounting Ninja

Do you have any more impressive job titles to add to our list? We’d love to hear them!

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