The Lowry Outlet – Engagement Campaign

The Lowry Outlet – Engagement Campaign

The Lowry Outlet – Christmas Engagement Campaign

Christmas Engagement Campaign

Client: The Lowry Outlet
Event Type: Engagement

To all of the team at Odin Events,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work and support on one of the best Christmas events ever! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and it’s all down to you! ” 

Charlotte, Peel Holdings.

The Challenge …

To create an interactive walkthrough experience for Christmas time to increase dwell time, in store profits and customer engagement.

Creating the magic

Key requirements …

The client was keen to create a Christmas engagement / walkthrough experience as part of their Christmas campaign. The requirement was to increase dwell time and social media sharing. Because of the Lowrys’ close working relationship with the theatre, it made perfect sense to tie in with their Christmas show, ‘Elf the Musical’. We used a large empty retail unit incorporating a journey through the North Pole, the elf workshop and the journey back out into the snow to see Santa’s reindeer and sleigh.

  • Create a walkthrough experience in an empty retail unit.
  • Include a photo opportunity
  • Encourage social Media Sharing

The Elfie Selfie Station

The execution …

Because of the nature of the retail unit, we decided that the best option was to have bespoke backdrops drawn to suit the space and to give the impact that we wanted.

We briefed our designer who set to work on drawing, what we ended up with was a series of high quality, hand drawn backdrops, each unique and bespoke to our clients requirements. Backdrops included a snowy external winter scene, outside and inside of the Elfs workshop, and the inside of the workshop with shelves stacked with toys.  We then highlighted key focal points on the backdrop and brought them to life.

We used a variety of animatronic props to give the scenes a further 3D element, whilst bringing everything to life.

The elf workshop included:

  • The mail room with animatronic elves sorting post,
  • Santa’s office and a wrapping station, before the presents were counted into sacks ready to load onto the sleigh.
  • To exit the post room, you had to exit through an elf size door and venture back out into the cold where you were met with all 6 reindeer and Santa’s sleigh.

The sleigh was bespoke and made in house and is one of only a handful of wheelchair accessible sleighs in the country, this was a great photo opportunity and one that helped satisfy the requirement of social media sharing.

Over the 6 week installation, over 18,500 people visited the Elf Walkthrough, drastically increasing dwell time and in-store spend.