Experiential marketing uses real and unique experiences to market a brand and makes a valuable connection with consumers. When done correctly, this marketing strategy can be hugely rewarding and results in improved brand awareness, customer loyalty and a more positive perception of your business. But how will you know if you’ve made these connections and a return on your investment?

Take a look at these tips for measuring the success of an experiential marketing campaign from the UK’s leading providers of corporate entertainment and event management, Odin Events.

Establish measurement in your budget before the live event

Trying to measure the success of your campaign after the brand experience has taken place and without corporating the measuring in the original budget can prove extremely difficult. Your results may not be apparent if you have not considered measurement until now.

Most experiential campaigns intend to increase brand awareness and engagement, so it’s usually a good idea to establish the baseline level of engagement and awareness beforehand. This will make your improvements easier to spot once you measure again after the live event.

It doesn’t need to be expensive, but try to incorporate baseline and post-event surveys into your initial budget, as well as the time it takes to analyse this crucial data. Once the event has passed, and you look back at the figures you’ll be able to see just how engaging and successful the experiential campaign has been!

Create ways to collect data and measure success at the event

A great way to measure success is to incorporate data collection into your experiential marketing event. This can be achieved through careful planning and rewarding participants with free gifts and giveaways in exchange for their email address and feedback.

Keeping an eye on the number of participants can also be a good way to judge the event’s success, and face-to-face interaction can be designed to test the consumer’s knowledge of your product, service or brand message during the experience.

Keeping an eye on how your brand experience is shared and circulates on social media through the use of hashtags, engagement rates and increased followers will also prove helpful and help to dictate future marketing campaigns.

What do you want to achieve through experiential marketing? 

It’s important that you are aware of your brand’s objectives and what you want to achieve through experiential marketing and that you make sure to measure it. Your survey questions need to be somewhat specific to your goals, rather than a general overview.

Try to decide exactly what you want from the experiential marketing event during the planning phase. Do you want to increase immediate sales or inquiries? Do you want to change the perception of your brand or increase awareness? Once you know what you’re looking to achieve, it should prove a lot easier to measure?

Work with experienced Experiential Marketing Agencies!

If you’re planning to boost engagement, generate more leads or increase brand awareness through an experiential marketing campaign, then working with an experienced and professional agency can help to save you time and money!

At Odin Events, we have over a decade of experience running successful events and are available to work with your brand, no matter how big or small! We’re able to work with your business to create a live and unique brand experience for your consumers or combine forces with larger marketing agencies to create an exciting live event.

We’re the UK’s leading providers of entertainment, and have a wide range of activities and equipment available to hire along with the support, skills and know-how of our friendly Odin Events team. We’re able to make sure your live event is an engaging success that achieves all of your business goals!

Unlike other experiential marketing and event management agencies, we don’t charge any extra for set-up and can guarantee a cost-effective, professional and trusted service every time.

For more information on how we can help your brand to deliver a successful experiential marketing campaign, please contact a member of the Odin Events team on 0800 030 6881.


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