TV and Film’s Worst Bosses!

TV and Film’s Worst Bosses!

We’ve all had our fair share of bad bosses, whether they’re too power-hungry, overbearing or just downright annoying! However, this list of eight TV and Film’s worst bosses may make you count your blessings in the workplace. 

From bosses who put their employee’s lives in danger to those you embezzle money or just cannot find one nice thing to say, we’ve covered it all. Maybe your boss isn’t so bad, after all! 

Mr.Burns (The Simpsons)

“Family, Religion, Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business.” 

As the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Mr Burns doesn’t care for the safety of his employees, or the even the entire town of Springfield! As well as being super old and horrendously rich, he’s greedy, cunning and plain evil. Not ideal qualities in a boss! 

Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

Is there some reason that my coffee isn’t here? Has she died or something?” 

The fashion industry can be cutthroat, and this boss is no exception. Miranda is editor-in-chief of Runway fashion magazine and values style over manners. She’s ruthless, demanding and horrible to her employees. 

Margaret Tate (The Proposal)

Margaret Tate: “What am I allergic to?”

Andrew Paxton: “Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotions.” 

Is forcing your employee into marriage in exchange for a promotion so that you can avoid deportation part of the company policy? We don’t think so! 

Douglas Reynholm (The IT Crowd)

“Alright, I was young once. But if this got out it could deeply damage Reynholm Industries ability to make that product that we make.”

Douglas became head of Reynholm Industries when his father Denholm Reynholm committed suicide after some irregularities in the business’ pension fund were exposed. He’s inappropriate, power-mad and thinks nothing of wasting the companies fund on the finer things. 

David Brent (The Office)

“There may be no ‘I’ in team but there’s a ‘ME’ if you look hard enough.”

He’s not the worst boss on the list, but David Brent’s cringe-worthy approach to managing and constant need to be liked by all of his employees at the Wernham Hogg paper merchants in Slough can prove irritating. Does your boss pull out a guitar and perform when given a chance? 

Malory Archer (Archer)

“If I wanted to sit around all day going nowhere, I’d be a teacher!”

There’s obviously an element of danger when working as a spy, but if Malory Archer is head of your agency you can triple it! She’s harsh and willing to put her agents at risk, including her son, to get what she wants. It later turned out her spy agency was unlicensed and illegal too! 

Bobby Pellit (Horrible Bosses)

Kurt Buckman: “Your father told me very clearly that he would rather die than save money and hurt people.”

Bobby Pellitt: “Well guess what, looks like we’re right on schedule then.”

This film boasts three contenders for the horrible boss title but Bobby Peillit is probably the worst. Essentially, he’s a psychopath and a drug addict with no positive plans for the business he’s inherited. He even went so far as to fire all the disabled and larger employees in the company. HR anyone? 

Buddy Ackerman (Swimming with Sharks) 

Buddy: “You are nothing! If you were in my toilet I wouldn’t bother flushing it. My bathmat means more to me than you!”

Buddy Ackerman would be a boss from hell. His work-days are spent abusing his personal assistant and practising his impressive array of insults. Most people would have quit on the first day! 

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