Experiential Marketing is a powerful strategy that engages consumers through involvement in a branded experience. Also known as engagement or loyalty marketing, experiential marketing is an increasingly popular, hands-on strategy that can contribute to a brand’s credibility as well as boost brand affinity through connecting with your intended audience.

Discover some of the key benefits of experiential marketing and find out how why your brand should be planning a live event!

Experiential Marketing Achieves Results  

When it comes to marketing and advertising, the more tried and tested methods such as flyers, TV commercials and billboards no longer have as big as an impact. It’s time for your brand to get experimental and experiential!

Live events can help your target audience to gain a greater understanding of your brand, products and company values than a commercial and improve brand perception. This is ideal for brands looking for a great return of investment for their next marketing move as Experiential Marketing has the ability to transform consumers into active participants, and potential regular customers, through a personal experience with your brand.

Tailor your experiential marketing strategy to meet your business goals whether you’d like to encourage immediate sales, improve brand awareness and perception, promote consideration or inform and create interest around your products.

Gives Consumers A New Experience

Experiential marketing is intended to give consumers a new experience and create a long-lasting, positive impression of the brand. This new, interesting and tangible shared experience can help to encourage a sense of brand loyalty as consumers are now able to associate your brand with the experience.

As a marketing strategy, it can also allow consumers to become more familiar with your products or brand while engaging in the experience. This association can result in increased sales or conversions, at the event and in the future, due to the shared interaction and positive engagement the consumer has experienced.

It’s also possible for these experiences to generate new leads and gather interesting data through exchanging the experience with consumers for a value other than money. You may want to consider asking participants to register their details, exchange personal data through surveys for exclusive opportunities and prizes as well as encouraging photos and shares on social media.

It Can Contribute to Your Marketing Mix

A more tangible marketing strategy, it’s an immersive experience for your consumers in the form of an event or activity they can physically see, do, feel and hear.

However, experiential marketing can also contribute to your wider marketing mix and strategies. Use your live and inclusive marketing event as a subject for your content and marketing mix. Why not create engaging videos to repurpose, take plenty of images for social media or your website, capture consumer testimonials, interview staff or influencers or carry out primary market research at the event?

Is Perfect for Sharing Social Media

Experiential Marketing is a powerful tool that resonates with digital and social media focused marketing strategies. Successful experiential marketing events prove to be incredibly ‘shareable’ and capitalises on consumer’s willingness to capture a moment and inform their friends, family and followers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

This is essentially a free grassroots or guerilla marketing strategy as your brand’s message organically spreads and improves awareness to a larger audience as well as engaging those involved!

It’s also possible to catch the attention of social media influencers with an engaging and unique experiential marketing strategy.

Generates Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Perhaps the most rewarding benefit of experiential marketing is it’s an immense contribution to generating brand awareness and encouraging long-lasting loyalty between consumer and brand. Set your brand apart with a meaningful, unique and exciting live event.

The interaction at live experiential marketing should be a fun, engaging and memorable experience for consumers to establish or strengthen brand awareness and loyalty. Successful strategies should aim to establish a real, meaningful connection with your target audience to encourage brand affinity and ensure future conversions.

Experiential Marketing at Odin Events

Would your brand benefit from an Experiential Marketing event? Engage your target audience and increase brand awareness with Odin Events.

With over a decade of experience in Event Management, we’re able to run small scale experiential marketing campaigns as well as combine forces with larger marketing agencies to fulfil any brief. The more unique, the better!

We own all of our entertainment equipment and packages and are able to hire our services nationwide. Our team of events and entertainment specialists have the necessary skills and vision to ensure your experiential marketing event runs smoothly, is working towards your goals and is memorable for consumers.

Whatever your brand and ideas for an experiential marketing campaign, feel free to call a member of our Odin team on 0800 030 6881 to discuss your ideas!

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