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Crawley is a popular spot for airline crew to stop over during layovers, thanks to its location on the outskirts of Gatwick Airport. This summer, the Crawley Town Centre BID reinvented the town’s nickname to “Crawlifornia” and provided a whole range of summer-themed, family-friendly and inclusive entertainment.


Did you know that Crawley Town Centre BID is a Business Improvement District (BID) that was set up in 2017 to make the town centre more vibrant and enjoyable for businesses and shoppers alike?  In the summer of 2023, the local council launched a new campaign called "Crawlifornia" to encourage residents to come and experience the town centre.

Odin Events was presented with the challenge of supporting this exciting initiative and collaborated with the town centre to create a picture-perfect beach scene - complete with a surf simulator and a giant deck chair!

After six hours of installation, with more than 10 tonnes of sand, Crawley's pop-up beach was finally ready. The beach was custom-built to fit Crawley's high street space requirements, keeping in mind the needs of the high street stores and health and safety regulations. The client stressed the importance of the beach being visually appealing and not being an eyesore for shoppers, as it was situated in the middle of the street and visible from all angles. Therefore, the structure had to be both functional and visually appealing, with complete exterior branding.

From the very first day, the event increased footfall in the town centre and received an overwhelmingly positive response from residents.

Here's what one of them had to say:

“We thought it was one of the best activities we have done in the town centre. The response was positive and the engagement was very high. It was so lovely to see the children playing so happily, and the parents seemed pleased to have free activities in the town. Even when it rained on Saturday, the parents hid under what shelter they could find but the kids were happy to stay playing in the rain! The surf simulator was a hit with the older ones and there was a lot of fierce competition!”

We're thrilled to have contributed to such a fantastic occasion!

Props and Theming
town inside a snow globe at the Flight Before Christmas
town inside a snow globe at the Flight Before Christmas

10 tonnes of sand

Over 10 tonnes of sand was used in the creation of Crawley's Crawlifornia!

100+ surfing wipeouts

Our surfing simulator was a huge hit with the locals!

500+ sandcastles built

Crawley's locals loved creating sandcastles on the beach!

Props and Theming

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