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Glastonbury Festival

In June 2022 we were asked to bring our mobile climbing wall, dino dig and mobile cave to Glastonbury Festival. We have been invited back to Worthy Farm for the past three festivals to help add some additional fun to the Kidzfield.

Glastonbury Festival

Kidzfield is the place to be.

For those that don’t know, The Kidzfield can only be described as an exciting explosion of colour and fun. It’s a place for children to have the freedom to play, make magic and discover joy away from the main festival.

Over the course of the weekend, thousands of children took in some of the best views over Worthy Farm by climbing to the top of our climbing wall, explored the depths of our man-made caves and uncovered dinosaur bones in our Dino Dig activity. 

We had an amazing time at Glastonbury Festival and we hope to be back again soon. Remember, it's never too late to have a happy childhood or enable someone else's.

Here’s what we took to Glastonbury:
Glastonbury festival Kidzfield entrance
Odin Event's Mobile Cave hire at Glastonbury Festival
Dino dig at Glastonbury Festival
Odin Event's Mobile Climbing Wall hire at Glastonbury Festival
Hire Mobile Caving Experience at Glastonbury Festival
Mobile Climbing Wall Hire at Glastonbury Festival

Here’s what we took to Glastonbury:

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