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Scare School

Our client wanted a captivating Halloween event for their shopping centre, suitable for all ages. We delivered "Scare School", a meticulously crafted experience overflowing with spooky fun and family-friendly activities.

Scare School

Forget textbooks and homework – this Halloween, unleash your inner ghoul at Scare School!

Odin Events transformed a mundane shopping centre into a thrilling Halloween haven for all ages. Complete with walkabout monsters and interactive workshops brimming with spooky fun.

Whether it was boosting creativity with Cleopatra's cookie decorating workshop, brewing bubbling potions alongside Winnie the Witch, shivering with delight during Dracula's spellbinding stories or feeling groovy with Mummy's Monster Mash dance class, our guests had plenty of opportunity to feel spooktacular throughout the day. However, our team weren't just involved in the activities at Scare School – we built the entire spooky experience!

From the atmospheric staging that transported visitors to a haunted world, to the eye-catching print materials that set the scene, every detail was meticulously crafted. We provided lots of tasty consumables like cookies and potion ingredients to fuel the creative fun and brought the characters to life with our talented team of character actors. Theming wasn't an afterthought, it permeated every corner, from the eerie decorations to the custom-cut vinyl signage. To capture all these treasured memories, we created a bespoke photo opportunity with a custom-printed backdrop.

Scare School was a hauntingly good time! Every workshop overflowed with eager participants, leaving not a single seat (or cauldron) empty. Feedback buzzed with positivity, proving this wasn't just another event, but a truly immersive experience. Even compared to the shopping centre's renowned Halloween trails, the response to Scare School was amazing, solidifying its place as a spooky season favourite!

Props and Theming
town inside a snow globe at the Flight Before Christmas
town inside a snow globe at the Flight Before Christmas

500 + biscuits decorated

Over 500 biscuits were decorated during Cleopatra's cookie decorating workshops!

400 + potions brewed

400 + potions were created during Winnie the Witch's masterclass!

100 + of spooks

Lots of spook-tacular moments happened during the Scare School event!

Props and Theming

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