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Combat Archery | Archery Tag

Archery Tag or Combat Archery as it had become known,  is one of the newest and exciting entertainment activities and is a tonne of fun!

How it Works

 Similar to Paintball, this action-packed activity involves two teams (up to 10 a-side) who will compete to eliminate each other using our specially designed bow and arrows. The Tag / Combat Archery package includes five inflatable bunkers to use as cover from your opponents and five target cones and a neutral zone.  

Archery Tag participants gain points for hitting both opponents and target cones using their bow and arrow. Eliminated players can be respawned if a fellow teammate can catch an opponent flying arrow. Each match consists of five 10-minute games that end only when each opponent is eliminated, all five targets have been hit or the time runs out.  

 This adrenaline-fueled outdoor game offers participants something new and is the perfect team-building activity!  

Combat Archery is suitable for:  

  • Corporate Events  
  • Team Building Activities  
  • School & University Events  
  • Birthday Parties  
  • Stag & Hen Groups 

What’s Included:  

20 x Bows  

Specially Designed Arrows 

10 x Inflatable Bunkers 

10 x Target Cones  

Technical Info:  

  • Space Required: 130′ x 200′ / 40m x 60m (up to 20 players) 
  • Recommended Age/Height of Users: 5 years and over .

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