Childrens archery hire - Nationwide service

Children’s Archery Hire (includes soft and field)

Kid’s archery hire is more popular than ever because it’s a great way to get the kids active whilst teaching them a new skill. After all, isn’t that what engaging event entertainment is all about? No matter the skill level or age we have a safe and fully accredited setup which will allow every kid to become Robin Hood for a day. Perfect for keeping them entertained whilst their imagination runs away with them.

The amazing thing about soft archery for kids is that it’s a completely safe way to learn a new skill. We’re currently working with schools and youth clubs right across the country to give children from all backgrounds the chance to try something new. That way every child has the chance to improve their aim whilst having fun with their friends for the afternoon.

  • A great way to introduce children to archery in a controlled environment
  • Fully accredited setup is safe for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Soft archery is currently being taught in schools right across the UK
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