croquet set Hire

There’s perhaps no better way to enjoy the summer sunshine than by inviting your friends and family over for a casual game of croquet.

When it comes to event entertainment it’s all about getting people up and out of their seats so that they can enjoy the day and do something a little bit different. Not only that but because it’s a game that anyone can pick up and start playing, you’re bound to get all sorts of friendly competition from even the most unlikely of sources.

Everything you need all under one roof

The difficulty with knowing how to hire a croquet set lies in the fact that the places you get them from are often few and far between. What we do is approach things a little differently. By having everything you need under one roof we ensure that you never have to go searching for what you want. Ideal if you want to be able to put together an entire summer garden party with a single phone call.

  • A British classic that can be played by all ages
  • A simple yet addictive game that your guests will love
  • Now all you need is a cold drink to go with it!

What's Included?

  • 4 English Ash mallets – approximately 3 lbs each;
    • 2 – 97cm Mallet with 24cm  x 8cm  English Ash Head
    • 2 – 87cm Mallet with 24cm x 8cm  English Ash Head
  • 4 1 x 6oz composite balls 9cm
  • 6 Steel club hoops with carrot (16mm diameter) 51cm  high, 10cm wide, dipped to 21cm to leave regulation 30cm  above ground
  • 1 Hoop “smasher” mallet with rubber head
  • 4 Corner flags with metal poles
  • 4 Coloured croquet clips
  • 1 Hardwood Centre peg with topper – 3cm diameter, 56cmhigh.
  • 1 Hoop Drill (to create the carrot holes for the club hoops)


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