Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Calling all palaeontologists, we have dinosaur bones that need to be uncovered! 

The dino dig activity is an exciting new addition to our fun dinosaur themed entertainment portfolio and can accommodate up 40 children at any one time. 

The basic package consists of:

  • 4 large pre-historic fossil trays, (each containing hidden T-Rex skeletons and sabre tooth tiger skeletons). 
  • All Brushes and excavation equipment needed to unearth the dino fossils.
  • 4 giant t rex “bone seats”
  • Dino Rangers
  • 5 x Fossil rub plaques

Dinosaur fossil Dig activity

Suitable venues include...

The Dinosaur fossil dig activity works really well in shopping centres or school settings and can be used not only as an educational tool but also as a combined dwell activity. 

we also supply our dino dig activity to private birthday parties and can either scale up or down on the equipment depending on numbers and budget.

Dinosaur Themed Prop Hire

Why not add in some dinosaur props and theming to really bring your event to life, we have a large selection of dino-themed props, including Jurrasic backdrops, prehistoric plants and trees, all the way through to dino eggs and giant-sized dinosaur props.

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