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It’s time to play the surgeon! Experience this timeless game of your favorite board game in extra large format and test your skills removing specific body parts from your patient.

Using the giant oversized tweezers, the aim of the game is to remove the heart, lungs, leg bone and other body parts without letting your surgical implements (i.e the giant tweezers) touch the internal sides of the patient. Do this too many times and your patient won’t be pleased!

You will be working against the clock and under the pressure of your peers. Though it may look easy, it’s a giant game that will have even the steadiest of hands trembling with anxiety as you aim to get your patient on the mend.

This activity is great for all ages and can be a brilliant solution for those with a competitive nature. Here are just some of the events that the giant operation game can be brilliant for;

Hire the giant operation game for your event and make sure you fix up the fun with an expert hire from Odin Events.

What's Included?

standard hire includes the rental of the Operation game and table, Delivery and set up is included in the quotation


Why not add some extra props and theming to really bring your game to life.

Optional extras include

  • Operating Screen
  • Surgeon Gowns and Face Masks
  • Stethoscopes

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