Gladiator Joust - Nationwide Hire

Gladiators ready! … Three…Two…One…Go! – Gladiator Joust.

This action-packed team game is great as part of a Teambuilding activity or as a stand-alone at any event.

Suitable for Adults and children, Gladiator duel is a great way to bring out the competitive side in someone in a fun and safe way.

How it works 

Opponents take to there respective opposing pedestals and ready their jousts, after the countdown and whistle has been blown the idea  is to knock your opponent off onto the inflatable crash mat, however, although it may seem an easy concept you will have to take into account that the podiums can pivot and rock, so coordination, skill and balance are also needed, making the Gladiator Duel allot more technical than simply bashing the bejeezus out of each other, best out of three takes the title. – Great Fun!

Key Features

7 yrs and over can use Gladiator Duel

Safety Helmets included

Large Inflatable crash Bed for added safety

A member of the  team included with each hire to set up and take down and act as referee

technical information

  • Equipment Size: 5.0m wide x 5.0m deep x 1.2m high
  • Power: standard socket required
  • Recommended Age/Height of Users: 7 years and over
  • Staff: Odin Member Included
  • Operational Area Required: 6.5m wide x 6.5m deep x 3.5m high
  • Max Number Of Users: 2


Access Requirements: please note:  our team will need a min-width of 0.90m when moving the equipment through doorways and corridors. If access may be an issue, please mention this in your enquiry.

(Please consider the following when booking your activity; stairways, long distances,  lift access /weight restrictions, uneven surfaces or obstructions)


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