Description: Why not give your sporting event or charity race a special touch with our inflatable archway hire!  


Our impressive and colourful inflatable archways, available in colours such as purple, pink and green, are perfect for marking the start or finish of your family fun day race, sports day event or team-building activity and come with the correct banners. The huge inflatable archways can also be used to create a grand entrance to your outdoor event.  


Make a big deal of your guests, win or lose, and hire one of our inflatable archways for occasions such as:  


  • Family Fun Days  
  • Team-Building Activities  
  • Marketing Events  
  • Charity & Fundraising Races  
  • School Sports Days  
  • Sports Events  


What’s Included:  

1 x Inflatable Archway  

1 x Fan to Inflate (Power Required)  


Technical Info:  


  • Space Required: 8.0m wide x 5.0m deep x 3.5m high  
  • Equipment Size: 6.0m wide x 3.0m deep x 3.5m high  


*Access Requirements: 

*Please note that a width of 1.3m is required when moving the equipment through doorways and corridors. If you feel that access may be an issue, such as stairways or lift access, uneven surfaces, obstructions or perhaps long distances then please mention this in your enquiry.

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