Magic Selfie Mirror

Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Without a doubt, The Magic Selfie Mirror takes the photo booth concept to the next level. Featuring state of the art technology, the Magic mirror not only captures your fun but will interact with your guests by commenting on their photos and will undoubtedly have them laughing and smiling from ear to ear.

Choose the character of the mirror.

The Magic Selfie Mirror also has a choice of pre-programmed Voiceovers to choose from including Eddie Murphy and Austin Powers.

The mirror photo booth has a bank of animated responses that magically appear through the glass complementing and jesting with your guests as they strike a pose.

Customise and brand your magic selfie mirror photo’s

With fully customizable features such as photo overlay or multiple print option, you can ensure each guest takes home a little memento of your day/evening – you can even personalise each photo by adding a message line to each print, a great way for your guests to remember the event and a good marketing option to those who wish to send out a specific message.

This activity has already been a huge hit at events across the UK and is absolutely fantastic for corporate events, exhibitions, promotional campaigns and marketing exercises.

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