Mobile Bouldering Wall


Take the skill of traversing to the next level with our amazing new mobile bouldering wall. Fully transportable and with a setup time of less than 30mins Our fantastic skill-building bouldering wall is a great team activity.

Our mobile bouldering/traversing wall is a fantastic introduction to the sport of climbing, and by hiring the mobile traversing wall you will have the safe knowledge that your mini climbers will be practising there climbing technique in a safe and controlled environment.

How does it work?

The Mobile Bouldering Wall is a fixed trailer-mounted “rock” which we literally drive into position, our bouldering technicians will then add the foot panels to the sides of the trailer and back ( covering all wheels etc) to create one solid climbable surface.

Safety mats will be provided and installed around the wall base.

  • Great as a pre-P.E warm-up activity
  • Awesome confidence builder
  • A multi-use activity which can accommodate up to 10 participants at any one go.
  • Not affected by wind conditions and bad weather, making it the perfect all-round entertainment solution for youth groups and corporate events alike.
  • Great for youth groups, scout and girl guiding groups, schools and team-building activities and corporate fun days.

What's Included?

When you hire our traversing trailer you receive the following equipment:

1 x 7m bouldering wall trailer

2 x Activity leaders to take charge and run the wall and ensure that all climbers are safe and have the maximum fun and build on there climbing skill sets.


The exact dimensions of the portable bouldering wall are 7.5m long x 2.2 m wide when hiring please take into consideration that the unit is one fixed trailer, therefore we will need ample turning space and room to manoeuvre the trailer into position. If you are unsure about the space requirements, please call before booking.

Want to know a little more about how bouldering walls came about then check out WIKI for some informative insights 

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