Strike a Light reaction Game

Strike a Light Game is a two-player reaction test game.

The goal is to hit as many lights as possible in the quickest time. It is one of the most addictive games we offer for rent. You just want to play and play over again.

The gameplay is simple. Speed, accuracy, and lots of energy. You are competing against the second player. The player that turns off the most lights wins. mistakes cost you valuable point time so be sure to make the right move. You will have three rounds to compete, with each round taking 30 seconds. The fastest hand and the most accurate hand wins. – A very addictive and competitive game.

Strike a Light Game rental is perfect for Corporate Events, Team Building. Exhibition stands, School Parties, Bar Bat Mitzvah,
A perfect addition to any corporate break room or office.

The game can be branded or personalized with corporate logos or graphics for your specific event. or why not create a custom backlit panel or wrap the entire cabinet to match your corporate identity.

Strike a Light interactive game

What’s Included:  

Our Strike a Light speed reaction table game  

all Power leads (power to be supplied) 

 Technical Info: 

Space Requirements: 2.2m wide x 2m deep 

Equipment Size: 1.2m wide x 1m deep 

Power: standard socket required (generator hire available) 

Number Of Users: 2 or two teams of 2  

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