Tin Can Alley Side Stall 

Description: A funfair favorite, the Tin Can Alley Side Stall is a simple yet extremely fun American side stall game perfect for any Wild West or carnival event!   


Each participant will have the chance to knock down all of the tin cans using five bean bags and win one of the fifty novelty prizes! It’s a game of precision and skill that all can enjoy!  


The Tin Can Alley Side Stall is suitable for:  


  • Birthday & Children’s Parties  
  • Wild West Themed Events  
  • Carnival/Fun Fair Events  
  • Promotional Events  
  • Family Fun days & more  


What’s Included:  

1 x Red & White Striped Side Stall  

3 x Western Barrels  

1 x Western Sign Post  

12 x Tin Can Targets  

Bean bags  

50 x Novelty Prizes  


Technical Info:  

  • Space Requirements: 3.14m wide x 3.14m deep x 2.14m high 
  • Equipment Size: 2.14m wide x 2.14m deep x 2.14m high 
  • Power: standard socket (If lighting is required) (generator hire available).
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