Description: This Christmas party game requires concentration. Quick reflexes and patience as you twist and turn the metal wand along the Christmas Tree shaped wire and avoid the dreaded buzzer sound!  


Guests have three chances to move the wire from one end of the Christmas Tree Buzz Wire without touching it. It’s easy to set up, plenty of fun and sure to keep your guests entertained as they challenge each other to complete the wire in the quickest time.  


The Christmas Tree Buzz Wire fun equipment is available to hire nationwide for a range of events including: 


  • Corporate Christmas Parties  
  • Charity & Fundraising Events  
  • Winter Weddings  
  • Shopping Centre Promotions  
  • Children’s Festive Parties  



What’s Included:  

1 x Buzz Wire Base  

1 x Christmas Tree Shaped Wire  

1 x Metal Wand  

1 x 5m Extension Cable  

13 amp Electrical Lead  


Technical Info:  

  • Space Requirements: 1.8m wide x 1.4m deep  
  • Equipment Size: 0.8m wide x 0.4m deep x 1.2m high  
  • Power: standard socket (generator hire available) 
  • Recommended Age/Height of Users: 5 years and over.
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