Event Ideas for universities

Throwing the Perfect Uni Event

University is a such an amazing experience and one thing that students of all ages remember are the balls and events that take place throughout the academic year. We want to give you a whole host of ideas so that you can freshen things up this year and turn your campus into the talk of social media by throwing the best event on the student calendar.


Be Original With Your Theme

Students are used to partying and getting together for a good time which means if you want to catch their attention you’re going to need to think outside the box. A theme is a great way to get people talking and it’s a natural icebreaker for everyone who’s attending. Toga nights, superhero nights, 80’s nights, you name it students will turn up to it in droves. If you’re organising an event on behalf of a university then you can make a big deal out of the fact that it’ll be an official ball and go big all over campus. This is a great way to drum up plenty of interest weeks in advance.

Take a look at a few of our ideas below and you’ll be able to use your talents to turn them into a theme in no time at all.


Make it Social

The big thing with events on campus at the moment is ensuring that everything links in well with social media. Creating a buzz around an event isn’t just about the build-up and selling tickets, it’s also about making sure people cry out for you to host it again next year. With plenty of selfie opportunities, you can ensure that students won’t be able to resist sharing their snaps all over Facebook and Instagram the moment they get home. You could hire a whole host of silly props, a photo booth or even a magic selfie mirror to ensure social media is awash with awesome photos in the morning.


Students Love a Game or Two

The great thing about student events is that the people attending them expect them to be a little bit silly or ironic. This gives you plenty of artistic license to bring back some of the family classics in jumbo form so that you can get whole crowds gathering to watch the competitors do battle. Not only is this a great way to build an atmosphere, it also serves as the perfect icebreaker as people filter in over the first few hours as things fill up. You could get a giant wire buzz game to see who has the steadiest hand late into the night, or how about looking into a spot of giant inflatable twister hire? Everyone will already know how to play the jumbo games and everyone will think they can do it better than the people they’re watching. Perfect for creating plenty of friendly competition.


Multiple Spaces For Double the Fun

Everyone loves the feeling of heading off into the crowd with a couple of their friends to go and explore what else is going on when they first arrive. It builds the atmosphere and gets people excited so that they won’t want to miss out on anything. Wherever possible you want to spread your event over multiple spaces and areas to generate a real buzz. A lot of what you have at your disposal will be determined by the layout of the campus you’re hosting your event on, not to mention the time of year. If you can incorporate indoor and outdoor spaces this will allow you to vary things up and fit in all manner of super-sized activities. Inflatable obstacle course hire is something that you may want to look into if you have the space for it because it will be the perfect centrepiece for summer events.

Just be sure to be creative and original with how you link your different spaces together and you’ll guarantee an amazing atmosphere that lasts all night long.


Make Your Food Match Your Theme

Student nights are renowned for going on late into the night which means you’ll want to offer plenty of food so they can keep their energy levels up. A great way to do this is to offer nibbles and light bites that fit with your theme. Take the idea of the toga party we mentioned briefly earlier on; you could offer olives and other Mediterranean inspired bits and pieces. If you opt for superheroes then all you would need are some cupcakes with different hero logos on them. Get creative and you’ll be amazed at the tasty morsels you can rustle up on a budget.



Print Your Flyers Early

The student calendar is bursting with events and activities as students enjoy some of the richest social lives of any of us. This means that whilst they’ll be easily persuaded to attend your event, you’ll want to ensure that you get the word out early before they find themselves double booked. You’ll also want to have a quick check of the established events on the local student scene to make sure that your event won’t clash with an amazing night that’s been up and running for years.

With a little planning, a spark of creativity, and hundreds and hundreds of flyers all over campus you’ll be able to fill your event to the rafters in no time at all.


One More Thing…

Make sure that you put a little thought into how your event fits into the student calendar. If you want a casual summer event then do it before study week in the summer term so that your guests can wind down before the serious business of exams begins. If you want to turn the campus into a winter wonderland then the last week before the Christmas holidays would be perfect.

Now that you’ve heard a few words from the experts all you have to do is put the finishing touches to your theme and get busy hiring everything you need for the big night!

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