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Giant Jenga - The traditional game but on a MEGA scale!

Turn any office party or corporate team building day into something truly special with your very own Giant Jenga game. Not only is it the perfect way to turn anyone into a big kid for a few hours, it’s also ideal for getting everyone in on the action as the crowd builds whilst the tower grows. Make Giant Jenga hire the next job on your to-do list and you’ll be glad you did when the day finally arrives. Ideal for groups and team building or just for a bit of downtime fun!

The Odin Giant Jenga tower consists of 56 wooden blocks, making up a 19 level tower at the start of the game (90cm high) and has the possibility to more than double in size as the game gets underway and more competitive.

1 x 90cm tall wooden Jenga Tower

Instruction Cards

Once the tower is set up, players must take it in turns to remove blocks, one by one, (using one hand only!) and stack it safely back on the top of the stack, the objective of the game is to to make the tower as high as possible without it crashing down, the person who makes the toppling move is the loser and has to re-stack the game!

*Please note, when playing with the giant tumble tower, extreme care should be taken, players should always be on their feet and never sit or stand underneath the tower. It is recommended that younger Children be supervised when playing Jenga.

(instructions and ruled included with Hire)

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