Sumo Wrestling Suit Hire

Sumo Wrestling suit Hire

Perfect for hours of fun and hilarity at the next office party or gala day. All you’ll need to do is clear some space, get your cameras at the ready, and let battle commence. Perfect for putting on an activity that all of your guests will be queueing up to try!

Knowing how to keep your guests entertained is a skill called ‘event entertainment’ and luckily for you, we’re the experts at that. Whilst a game of giant sumo will likely be the highlight of any event, you don’t want it to be the only thing your guests have to do. Because we have hundreds of other larger than life activities ready to be dispatched to your door with the click of a button we can help you plan an entire event in a single afternoon. Which means you’ll have more time to practice your sumo skills before the guests arrive!

  • You can’t beat a game of giant sumo
  • A game tailor made for hilarious videos
  • Gets your guests excited the minute they walk in the door

2 x sumo Wrestling suits ( adult or child)

1 x Sumo Dual Mats

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