Experiential and brand marketing

Change the game, and give your potential customers a new and tangible experience! By encouraging participation, you’re going to be creating a long-lasting, and positive perception of your brand, business or product.

This can lead to a more meaningful connection and brand loyalty as well as brand awareness. You showed them a good time, and this will likely lead to an increase in your sales (or use of your services), as consumers will associate your brand with the experience!

Tip: Immediate sales do not need to be the aim, consider asking the participants to register their details, or fill in a survey to generate new leads and gather consumer data. 

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Experiential Marketing + Digital Marketing

Make the Most of Social Media

Experiential Marketing services, plus Digital Marketing and Social-Media focused strategies are the ultimate combination. A well-managed, interesting and successful live marketing event can be very powerful when it capitalises on the participant’s willingness to capture and share the event.

You should aim to bring a ‘shareable’ element to your experiential marketing campaign as consumers will often want to inform friends, family and followers of their experience! This also improves brand awareness to a larger audience, as well as engaging those watching and participating. It’s the perfect marketing strategy for spreading your brand’s message far and wide in an organic (and free) way.

Tip: Make sure your brand is active and easily-accessible on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter Snapchat & Instagram. Encourage participants to take pictures, use your hashtag and spread the word!


The world is a busy and competitive marketplace, so if your business’ regular marketing channels just aren’t cutting it, you may be looking at other ways to make an impact.

Live, experiential marketing events will help your brand to reach a wider audience and allow consumers to gain a greater understanding and insight into who you are and what you have to offer!

By encouraging potential customers to engage in a personal experience with your brand, you should achieve a fantastic return on your investment. It all comes down to experiential marketing having the edge on other channels like TV & Radio Adverts, Flyers and Online Ads. This is because, with a successful live event, you’re able to turn consumers into actively, engaged participants with increased awareness of your brand, this can organically lead to them becoming regular customers.  

 Tip: When planning an experiential marketing event, tailor your strategy to meet your goals, so you are able to measure your success. Are you aiming to encourage immediate sales, promote consideration of your products, inform consumers or improve brand awareness and perception? All of these results are valuable, long-lasting and achievable with a successful experiential marketing campaign. 


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Change the Game with Odin Events

At Odin Events, we have over a decade of experience in corporate events management and entertainment and have helped countless companies with there experiential marketing requirements, We’ve worked with both smaller, local businesses and well-known brands such as Next, Skype and First Great Western.

Our experiential marketing services team can work with you to run exciting and engaging campaigns and live events, as well as combining forces with larger marketing agencies to make your ideas a reality. With our friendly and dedicated team, we can guarantee that you’ll receive a professional, reliable and specialised experiential marketing service.

As an experiential marketing company, we’re able to bring an exciting live event to your consumers, from huge climbing walls to customisable and branded equipment. Our skills and marketing know-how means we can help your business to create a unique experience for consumers and long-lasting memories of your brand.

Why not give your potential customers a new experience? It’s a fantastic way to spread the word about your business, improve brand awareness and perception, achieve valuable results and a fantastic return on your investment.

To discuss your experiential marketing campaign, contact our Odin Events team on 0800 030 6881.

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