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Film & Production Props

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire film props online with the click of a button? Well, luckily for you we’re the experts when it comes to instant affordable help with production props of all shapes and sizes. No matter what you need you’ll be sure to find it when you browse what we have to offer. With an inventory that’s expanding all the time you’ll never be short of inspiration no matter what it is you want to do.


People ask us how an event entertainment company can help in such a specialist area, but really the answer is pretty simple. We specialise in getting hold of large one-off items and attractions that people want to see, and we’ve been in the business a long time. By having a huge range of items under one roof we ensure that you never have to search high or low for what you need ever again. Ideal for crossing one more thing off that seemingly ever-growing to-do list.


  • A huge inventory that’s just waiting to be explored
  • An experienced team that are always willing to lend a hand
  • Find everything you need under one roof

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