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Giant Snow Globe

Giant Snow Globe – Nationwide Hire Experts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be that little person inside the Snow Globe? Well, you need wonder no more, we have a large selection of Giant Snow-Globes available to hire nationwide

Your very own magical winter wonderland.

To date we are the UK’s largest rental providers of giant snow globes and are available to hire Nationwide, we have been providing our oversized snowglobes for over 5 years, and within that time we have become known as the industry leaders in snowglobe related events, and have earned a great client base, many of whom are repeat customers.

when you book our inflatable snowglobe you will be instantly transported to your very own Christmas wonderland, each standard hire package comes with with a Christmassy log cabin backdrop and our signature 6ft frosty the snowman prop, you can, of course, customise the globe and have the backdrop and skirt printed with an image of your choice, this could either be your company branding or a special Christmas message, ( A great social media /marketing opportunity) whatever your requirements our design will be happy to help.


How big are the inflatable globes?

Our giant human-sized globes are Large enough to take up to 8 adults, or 10 children at any one time. (standard globe) and is a great photo opportunity and a fantastic way to capture the Christmas spirit.

We currently stock  2 sizes of the globe, the Mini Globe standing at 3.2 (W) x 3m (H) and our Standard Globe 4.5 (W) x 4m (H).


Technical info / How does it work?

Once our team of globe experts have built up and installed your globe, you will have the opportunity to step inside.

This is achieved by entering through a zipped airlock at the rear of the globe, then stepping through the backdrop into your own bubble of festive fun, inside the globe you will find artificial snow ankle deep, with the opportunity to make it swirl and blow by moving the snow towards the blower located at the front of the globe, this is a safety feature so the user can control the flow of snowfall, as some who enter may choose not to have a snow scene in there photo, and also acts as a safety aspect when smaller children are taking part.

Our giant snow globes are always a huge hit during the Christmas season for Christmas themed events and usually get booked up well in advance of the festive period. This is partly due to the high quality of the globes we use, and we hope the service we provide, therefore we recommend contacting us as early as possible to discuss your requirements and avoid disappointment!


Giant Snow Globe - leading UK provider

To date we have supplied our globes for:

  • Product launches
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Corporate Christmas parties
  • Winter Wonderlands
  • Shopping centres
  • Private corporate functions
  • Councils
  • Race days
  • Exhibition spaces


Why choose our globe?

Over the years we have tried and tested many globes, from inflatable based globes to “pop up globes” and as a result we have identified and created a standard that our clients now come to expect from us, all out globes are  built upon steel frame and solid wooden bases, they are British made and manufactured, and are of the highest quality. and conform to British regulations, we feel this is important to mention as over the years we have had clients try cheaper alternatives, only to be disappointed and have events cancelled due to poor quality, we firmly believe that there is a standard of quality and price range for everyone.



We comply with numerous regulations regarding the globes usage and manufacturing, including;

  • EN 14960
  • BS 5852:1990
  • BS: 5867:1980
  • EN ISO 2060 & 2062
  • EN 71 (toy regulations)

Additionally, the snow we use in our globes is non-allergenic and non-carcinogenic to ensure all can take part in the fun and relax knowing they are in safe conditions.



Each of our inflatable snow globes is tested annually to ensure they are in working condition. This means you can rest knowing we comply fully with all health and safety requirements.



Contact us today to find out more and make a booking!

Tel: 0800 030 6881   |  Email: [email protected]

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