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The Nutcracker Trail -Nationwide Hire

Have you heard about our latest activity keeping shoppers entertained at Christmas?

The nutcracker trail - traditional Christmas event

Christmas is just around the corner and with numerous communities planning events for the public’s enjoyment, you will need something that can be a great representation of your town’s innovative Christmas event ideas.

Introducing…The Nutcracker Trail!

This unique feature offers an exciting twist for shopping during the Christmas season. During what might be perceived as a normal Christmas shopping experience, explorers taking part can hunt down these little fellows to make their Christmas visit that much merrier and be introduced to one of the latest Christmas party themes. Not only does this encourage lengthier stays within the town, but also show visitors new shopping locations they may not be familiar with.

The hunt!

Prior to the visitors’ search, we will position the nutcrackers (either 10 or 15) in various locations that you wish around the town centre or similar location. This will give the explorers the opportunity to search for the nutcrackers and their names with their specially designed nutcracker booklet, filling it out as they make their way along the trail.

What’s in the booklet?

In the booklet, the attendees can find a map (to be supplied to us) of your location showing the places where the nutcrackers have been set, a colouring-in page and, of course, the all-important trail sheet to complete as they find the nutcrackers. There is even space for some of your local businesses to offer a fair degree of vouchers in time for Christmas!

Did you know?

In the early years of the nutcracker’s creation in Germany, nutcrackers were considered a gift was given to bring good luck to families and protect the family homes from evil spirits.

Trail content and key information

Each Trail Includes:

  •  A site visit from a member of the Odin team to discuss the locations of the Nutcrackers.
  • The Nutcracker Kings (6.5ft Tall) installed in your desired locations.
  • 10,000 Nutcracker Trail booklets delivered to primary schools in your area and venues of your choice with maps designed around your town; including space for advertisements of current events.
  •  Santa’s mailbox to collect completed trail forms.
  • 2 x iPad Minis or similar for the high-end prize.
  • 1 x face in the hole prop – branded to suit your requirements

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