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Creepy Gravestone

Gravestone Props | Halloween – Nationwide Hire

Creepy Gravestone Prop Hire

We offer all sorts of gravestone props for hire for those of you looking to put on the scariest Halloween party of the year. With a creepy gravestone for hire that sends shivers down our spine just writing about it, we have possibly the spookiest prop anywhere in the UK! No all you need to do is see if you can sneak it into your venue without scaring your guests out of their skin!

For us event entertainment has always been about wanting to do things differently. That’s why when you get in touch you can browse our entire inventory and see what takes your’s no restrictions on what you can and can’t hire at the same time. We just want you to have the freedom to find the perfect prop(s) for the big day. That way all you need to do is click on the things you want and we’ll do the rest.


  • The spookiest prop available anywhere in the UK
  • Hopefully it won’t scare your guests too much
  • Hire it today if you dare…


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