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Safari Animal Props

Safari Animal Props

You’re in for a wild time with our animal prop hire. We have everything you could think of, from giant grizzly bears to a bold parrots that are sure to liven up your event scenery.

Multiple variations available

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Animal props available to hire

We have a range of animal props available to hire across the UK. When you add this item to your quote, please let us know which animal prop you’d like to hire from us.

  • Frog Prop
  • Parrot Prop
  • Mandrill (Baboon) Prop
  • Giraffe Prop
  • Hippopotamus
  • Lion Prop
  • Elephant Prop
  • Tiger Prop
  • Zebra Prop
  • Tree Post Box
  • Bear Prop

Frog Prop

Our giant green frog prop is fantastic for adding a splash of colour to any tropical or river scene. Whilst frogs are usually keen to hop around, we are certain this one isn't going anywhere!

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Parrot Prop

Looking to add some tropical flair to your next event? Our Macaw Parrot props are the perfect way to bring some fun and vibrancy to your decor. These eye-catching props are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages!

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Mandrill (Baboon) Prop

Looking for a unique way to make your event stand out? Incorporating a life-size Mandrill prop into your Jungle or Rainforest-themed event is a fabulous choice. With its striking colours, and fierce expression our Mandrill props are sure to complete any scene. Undoubtedly, including the life-size Mandrill Monkey as a prominent feature will help to create a mesmerising atmosphere and bring your rainforest-themed event to life.

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Giraffe Prop

Don't let the name deceive you! Whilst this is a baby giraffe prop, it still stands at around 6ft tall! Odin Events is the one-stop shop for high-quality, lifelike prop hire.

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Get ready to make a splash at your next event with our hippo prop hire. Whether you're looking to create a jungle atmosphere or add a fun twist to your decor, our lifelike hippo props are the perfect option.

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Lion Prop

Looking to add the King of the Jungle to your event? Whether you're hosting a jungle-themed party or want to create a regal atmosphere, our realistic lion props are sure to impress.

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Elephant Prop

It is said that an upward-pointing elephant trunk brings good fortune and goodwill, but our joyous baby elephant prop is so much more than a lucky charm! One of the most iconic safari animals, our baby elephant prop is one of the most popular animal props available to hire.

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Tiger Prop

Our tiger prop is ready to pounce, bringing life to any environment it's placed in. Our tiger props are intricately detailed (they even have whiskers!) and make great photo opportunities, or are a fun part of our safari trail.

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Zebra Prop

Made to a life-size scale, our zebra prop hire is perfect for jungle/safari-themed events to bring some character and life to your next event. Our Zebra props are great as stand-alone props, but look great paired with other animal props too.

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Tree Post Box

This life-like tree postbox is great for events where you will be collecting data from guests, as it can be locked with a key making it secure, yet visually enticing. The front plaque can be customised to suit any theme, either send us your artwork or our in-house team can put something together for you!

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Bear Prop

Our bear prop hire collection includes a range of options, including brown and grizzly and polar bears. Whether you're looking for a photo backdrop or want to create an immersive experience, our props are versatile and easy to work with.

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These life-life props available for hire are great for jungle/safari-themed events or trails. These animal props are great as stand-alone props but also work incredibly well as a pair or group. 

Made from high-quality, poly-resin and fibre-glass, all of our Animal Props are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Safari Animal Props are ideal to be hired fore Museums, Schools, TV and Films as well as Private Events such as birthday or Corporate Events.

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Great set up, the Snow Globe looked fabulous and was enjoyed by everyone who went in it. The snow blowers could have been a bit stronger but that didn... Read more

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Odin have always been a pleasure to work with, they installed a giant snow globe at one of our centres over Christmas and it was a fantastic success, ... Read more

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Excellent equipment and staff supporting throughout the day.

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We used Odin Events for a brand activation in November and are very pleased with the event and how it turned out…as always (3rd time) your team... Read more

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Janet Douglas

The event was fantastic. All the equipment was as described and the crew who attended with the equipment were very well organised and helpful througho... Read more

4 years ago


We have worked with Odin Events for the last 2 years, and cannot recommend them highly enough! Their customer service is amazing and the staff all lov... Read more

6 years ago

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