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Selfie Pod Hire

When you want to hire a selfie pod to provide some cutting edge event entertainment it can be hard to know where to look. There are plenty of them on the market, but can you really get something that offers better resolution and usability than any of your guest’s iPhones? After scouring the tech landscape we found just such a selfie pod, and we keep it ready for hire at the click of a button at all times. That way you never have to wait in line when you want to get something cool to entertain your guests.


The future of interactive entertainment is very much here with one of these forming part of your event. Everyone will flock to it which means you can easily keep people smiling from ear to ear late into the night. You could even put a big noticeboard up or start a Facebook group so that the snaps can be displayed with pride for weeks afterwards. Ideal for creating a real buzz about when the next time you’re going to hire it is.


  • A great way to turn an office party into a real team bonding exercise
  • Let your hair down and act like a big kid inside the pod
  • An endless source of interactive entertainment

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