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Dinosaur Trails

Dinosaur Trails

Several life-sized dinosaur props have been strategically positioned throughout your town centre or shopping area.  Armed with a trail map, your guests must discover and gain knowledge about each dinosaur as they explore the surroundings. Our dinosaur trails offer a creative and thrilling approach to captivate your audience and encourage their participation.

Multiple variations available

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We have a range of dinosaur props available to hire anywhere in the UK

If you book a dinosaur trail with us, the following will be included:

  • Stegosaurus Prop
  • Velociraptor Prop
  • Triceratops Prop
  • Oviraptor Nest Prop
  • Venenifer Prop
  • Baby Brachiosaurus Prop
  • Dilong Paradoxus Prop
  • Dinosaur Bones Prop

Stegosaurus Prop

A Stegosaurus is one of the most iconic dinosaurs from the Jurassic period, and its distinctive bony plates make it recognisable by children and adults alike.

Measuring almost 5 metres long and over 2 metres tall, our Stegosaurus Prop is as lifelike as it gets. Great as a standalone piece but also effective when combined with other dinosaur props too.

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Velociraptor Prop

Standing at 5ft tall, the Velociraptor is always in alert mode. With its carefully crafted skin, realistic features and fierce appearance, our Velociraptor prop is sure to be a hit at any dinosaur-themed event.

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Triceratops Prop

Perhaps one of the most recognisable, the Triceratops is one of the most popular dinosaurs props available to hire. Featuring large horns, a distinctive bony frill, and a large body our Triceratops Dinosaur Prop will add a touch of authenticity to any Jurassic scene.

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Oviraptor Nest Prop

The Oviraptor Nest dinosaur prop features two adorable baby Oviraptors perched around their mother who is sitting on top of a pile of dinosaur eggs. It’s the perfect addition to any Jurassic-themed event.

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Venenifer Prop

Sporting a pair of wing-like frills on top of its head, Venenifer dinosaurs used these for communication and displayed them to others in their species. The frill is vibrantly coloured and is used to 'hypnotise' prey or to warn off possible threats.

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Baby Brachiosaurus Prop

Don’t be fooled. This life-like baby dinosaur prop stands at an impressive 7ft tall and features incredible detail. With its long neck, sturdy head and bumpy skin texture, this Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Prop will bring the realism of a museum artefact to your dinosaur-themed event.

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Dilong Paradoxus Prop

The Dilong Paradoxus (or emperor dragon) is a dinosaur from the late Jurassic period. Much like its ancestor, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Dilong Paradoxus’ impressive size and vibrant colouration, make it an incredible Dinosaur prop to hire that will make your dinosaur-themed occasion truly unforgettable.

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Dinosaur Bones Prop

Has the Triceratops just finished its dinner? For an extra boost of prehistoric fun, why not also include our Dinosaur Bone prop with your Dinosaur prop hire? The Dinosaur Bone Prop is extremely effective when placed next to a dinosaur or two.

Oh no, the dinosaurs have escaped. Immerse yourself in a prehistoric world where giant creatures once roamed the Earth. Explore our captivating trail filled with lifelike dinosaur prop replicas, educational exhibits, and thrilling activities for all ages - keep an eye out for the Velociraptors, they may bite…

NOTE: Our Dinosaur props are available as part of a trail, as a complete package or individually.

Included with every Dinosaur Trail:

  • 10-15 different Dinosaur props for your visitors to find.
  • A site visit from our expert team to discuss the best locations for your Dinosaur Trails props to be installed around your desired location.
  • 5,000 customised trail booklets complete with maps and colouring-in pages delivered to local primary schools and venues of your choice.
  • Mailbox to collect all completed trail forms.
  • 1 face-in-the-hole prop for a fun Jurassic selfie.

Stegosaurus prop: 4.92m long x 1.09m wide x 2.14m high

Velociraptor prop: 2.3m long x 1.07m high x 2.97m wide

Triceratops prop: 4.33m long x 0.92m wide x 1.58m high

Oviraptor Nest prop: 1.45m long x 1.13m high x 0.68 m wide - approximately 22kgs

Venenifer prop: 2.56m long x 0.93 wide x 1.41m high

Baby Brachiosaurus prop: 2.02m long x 0.54m wide x 2.04m high

Dilong Paradoxus prop: 3.16m long x 0.68m wide x 1.25m high

Made from high-quality, poly-resin & fibre-glass, all of our Dinosaur props are available to hire for both indoor and outdoor use. 

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The Burnley Dinosaur Trail

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Make your next event unforgettable with our Dinosaur Trail!

Increases Footfall

Our Trails are proven to increase footfall and dwell time in the area, as well as boost average spending per head.

Boosts Engagement

We provide you with everything you need to get people talking and create hype online and in the local community.

Custom Branding

Each Trail can be customised to include your logos, branding and graphics.

Marketing OpportunitiesĀ 

Your trail leaflet has a dedicated space perfect for sponsors or local businesses that want to get involved.

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As always friendly professional first class service

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